Wireless Doorbell System

4 Tips on Installing a Wireless Doorbell

If you currently do not have a doorbell, a wireless doorbell System is probably the best option, and installation is easy. There’s no need to bother with running wires through your walls, since the system uses radio frequency. Follow these tips to set up your own wireless doorbell:

wireless doorbell system1. Consider what range you’ll need. Wireless doorbells vary in range with most items extending out to 75 or 100 feet. Longer-range units can cover as much as 300 feet. You can also purchase several bell receivers, which let you place units in different parts and floors of the house. Models can vary in price with the cheapest costing about $15 to $20 and the most expensive ones going up to $150.

2. Choose from the wide selection available. There are dozens of models to choose from, including a really cool unit that lets you answer the doorbell from nearly anywhere in the world with your mobile phone. The doorbell mechanism rings your mobile phone whenever someone pushes it, allowing you to converse with visitors and, by entering a PIN code, to grant them access to your home, all without having to leave your location. There are also doorbells in interesting shapes and colors that replace the traditional doorbell tone with sounds pre-recorded by you.

3. Follow the instructions to set up your doorbell. You’ll need to first remove the old wired doorbell button, and cover the exposed wires. Use a screwdriver to affix the wireless button over the open hole where the wired button used to be. Place the bell unit inside the house and adjust it to your preferred chime. Select a location in the home where you can obtain maximum range throughout the house. On a standard wireless doorbell set, when someone presses the call button he or she will hear the usual ding-dong doorbell tone. All the wireless doorbell receivers located around the house will sound a similar tone a couple of seconds later. You respond by pressing the Talk button on the portable receiver.

4. Get familiar with the features on your doorbell. The most basic features of wireless doorbells include nothing more than a transmitter and receiver(s). Receivers can be battery-operated or can be plugged into an electrical outlet in your home, while transmitters typically run on AA, AAA or 9V batteries. High-end wireless doorbell models provide a code exclusive to your home that stops other systems from inadvertently or deliberately accessing your system.